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Our Adoption Process

The Farms Precious Doodles wants to make sure everyone gets their perfect puppy.


We understand how important it is for it to be the right time to bring your new Fur friend home. With that being said, We have a master list for each size of Sheepadoodles. When you place your deposit, your name is added to the master wait list.


When puppies are born I go down the list and contact each person in order of deposit received. I will always have first selection reserved for my own purposes. You will have 24 hrs to decide if you want to make a selection on the current litter or keep your spot on the wait list.


You have 2 years to stay on the master wait list. If you have not chosen a puppy with in 2 years your name will fall off the master wait list and you forfeit your deposit. Parents of litters change all the time. I cannot guarantee a puppy from certain parents while on the master wait list. Sometimes a dog will need to be retired from my program for certain reasons. 

Adoption Process

Process Details

Deposits, puppy picking, and more

View our Sale Contract:

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. Your deposit is $350, which places you on the master wait list. 


The deposit amount comes off the total amount of the puppy.


We understand that certain things come up in life that we cannot control, like a breeding not taking place. If for whatever reason we deem it necessary to refund a deposit, only $200 of it will be refunded. $150 is for our time and efforts that we have made to help with a puppy selection.

We do not allow visitors to the farm prior to puppies being ready for pick up at 8 weeks of age.  We will do virtual puppy picks over the phone when puppies are 6 weeks old.


All Doodles will be ready for their Forever Homes at 8 weeks of age. Pick-up/delivery times will be pre-arranged or scheduled.  All puppies will have had age appropriate vaccinations and deworming, have been microchipped, and come with a Puppy Care Package.

If for any reason your Doodle needs to stay with us past 8 weeks of age, we will gladly keep them a while longer, but require you to pay $40 per day for food and care as well as any Veterinary fees associated with extra vaccinations that they might need during this time. 

Puppy Pricing

Standard puppies are $2500


Mini/Medium puppies are $3000

The remaining puppy balance is due in CASH at pickup.

Process Details
Puppy Pricing
Sale Contract
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