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All About the Farm

Learn about the people behind the program

About Me

F1 Sheepadoodle

Hi! My name is Savannah. I am Indiana born and raised. I love my family, my dogs, the smell of fresh cut grass and fresh air, and watching my boys play sports.


I have three little boys. Ages 10,5, and 2. Our home is crazy and messy and full of love and laughter. My 5 year old shares the same passion as I do towards animals. You will often see him in my videos and pictures. He is my little helper and he loves every minute of it just like his momma. 


I have two major passions. Being a hair stylist, and raising wonderful family dogs. I'm very blessed to be able to work both jobs. I'm very passionate at both and pour my heart and soul into each one. I love being at home with my family and dogs. When I'm home, I spend most of my time in the puppy nursery with puppies, or grooming and bathing my dogs.


We live on a family farm of 110 acres. Loving animals runs in the family. My brother, who is also my neighbor, owns a sheep farm. I have had a true passion for dogs ever since I was able to walk. When I was 2 years old I was bit by a stray/rescue and had 17 stitches in my face. I've always known that I wanted to help families have wonderful family companions. One of my greatest pleasures is watching how excited families get when they come to pick out and take their new fur baby home!

Why choose The Farm's Precious Doodles?

Choose us because we do things differently.  Scroll down to learn more.

About Me

What Makes Us Different?

We never stop working to improve
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Here at the Farm, we strive to raise happy and healthy puppies!


We make sure all dogs pass their genetic health tests.

Every dog in our program is fully health tested. We start by ensuring there are no genetic health risks with a DNA test usually from Embark, and sometimes from Paw Print Genetics. Thorough physical exams to ensure the best of the best are in our program. If they pass their DNA test, we then move on to having their hips certified by Penn Hipp, and their eyes and heart OFA certified. Some even have thyroid panels completed. We want to make sure we are using the best of the best to breed.


We carefully select for temperament.

Not only do we choose breeding stock based on health, but we also choose it based on temperament. We carefully pair each male and female to complement each other's temperament.


Socialization and lots of love from the very start.

When it's time for puppies, I am in the whelping room with the mother the entire time. Sometimes even my youngest son is there helping. Every puppy is socialized from birth. Our Puppies are played with and loved on daily. They get lots of attention and are never left unsupervised. Our goal is to provide our adoptive families a well-rounded, socialized puppy who is loved from day one. Our three little boys who love and adore puppies play a big role in loving on and caring for your new fur baby as they are raised in our home.


Proactive measures every step of the way.

We take every precaution we can to raise healthy puppies. Not only are parent's health tested, but we also use vet fleece to ensure the puppies have the proper traction for their hips. This is extremely important to help reduce the risk of Hip Dysplasia.


Lifelong support and community.

All new puppy parents are welcome to contact me for advice or help with training at any time. I will be with you for the life of your puppy if needed. We have a private Facebook page for families with puppies from us so everyone can stay up to date on siblings!


We believe every child should own a best friend and we take pride in the fact that our puppies fill that role so well.
What Makes Us Different
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