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Farms Precious Puppies

Sweet boy and his pup

Every puppy is socialized from birth. 


Our Puppies are played with and loved on daily.  They get lots of attention and are never left unsupervised.  Our goal is to provide our adoptive families a well rounded, socialized puppy who is loved from day one. 


Our three little boys who love and adore puppies play a big role in loving on and caring for your new fur baby as they are raised in our home.  All new puppy parents are welcome to contact me for advise or help with training at anytime. I will be with you for the life of your puppy if needed.


We believe every child should own a best friend and we take pride in the fact that our puppies fill that role so well.

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All About Sheepadoodles


Sheepadoodles come in a variety of colors and sizes. 


Standard size is between 50-80lbs.


Mini size is between 25-50lbs.


Many things play important roles in the adult size of a puppy.  Parents, grandparents, and great grandparents play a role in what size the puppy will be when fully grown.  I do my best in making sure I breed the right male to the right female to help predict size.  But due to the genetic diversity factors involved with cross breeding, I will NOT guarantee size.


The most common Sheepadoodle colors are black and white. 

They can come in brown, white, merle, cream, red, and every color can have white markings. 

Some Sheepadoodles carry the fading gene which means the puppy can change colors as it gets older. 

This fading (intensity) gene cannot yet be tested for or measured.  Because of this, I will NEVER guarantee the color of your dog.


Sheepadoodles do not normally shed.  Poodles are non shedding, and Old English Sheep Dogs shed minimally.  Therefore, when you cross the two, you get low to no shedding. 


Sheepadoodles require regular grooming.  They should be brushed often to keep them from matting.  They need to be groomed regularly every 4-8 weeks depending on the home care.

Sheepadoodles are one of the sweetest most intelligent dogs you will ever meet.


They are goofy, loving, and are loyal to their person. They are extremely kid friendly which makes them one of the best family dogs.

All About Sheepadoodles
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Puppy Checklist
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