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Our Dogs

Scroll down to meet the dogs that make up our program

All of our dogs are family dogs first and foremost. They live the most spoiled life a dog can live. They sleep with us at night and have a ton of land to run on during the day. They have all been genetically health tested through Paw Print Genetics and Embark Vet Labs. 

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Pictures from Home



Lexy is a Moyen chocolate poodle. She is Embark tested, PennHIP, and OFA Cardiac certified.  She is the leader of the pack and the "boss momma." She loves to run and play but will quickly put the other dogs in their place if they aren't behaving the way she thinks they should. She's sweet and cuddly and loves affection. She's the best guard dog we have. You can always count on her to let you know when someone is here. 


Hank is a medium sized F1 Sheepadoodle. He's sweet, outgoing, calm, cuddly and extremely affectionate. He missed his calling and would have made the best service dog. He has one of the best dispositions I have ever seen in a dog. He loves to be with his people, but especially me. He stays by my side 24/7. He's goofy and loves to smile.



Stella is a standard tuxedo parti poodle.  She is Embark tested, PennHIP, and OFA Cardiac certified.  She is one of the most gentle souls there is. She's the sweetest most laid back girl. Her favorite thing is to sit on top of the hill and wait for a mole or mouse to make its move. She's a mole hunter through and through. She tends to love men more than woman and snuggles with my husband the most.