F1 Sheepadoodle (Medium)

Hank is a medium sized F1 Sheepadoodle. He's sweet, outgoing, calm, cuddly and extremely affectionate. In 2020 I received a call from Kate Jessen looking for a puppy for her sweet Addie Mae who had just been diagnosed with a horrible incurable brain cancer called DIPG. When I received this call, Hank was sitting right beside me and something just told me Hank needed to be with Addie Mae and her mom and dad. A couple days later I took Hank to meet sweet Addie. Ill never forget how excited she was. She told her grandma "look I got me a Hankie!" Hank stuck by that sweet girls side for 10 months while she battled cancer. Hes highly known at Cincinnati's Children's Hostpital. He went every where with her and never left her side. Sweet Addie Mae passed away in May of 2021. She is now his guardian Angel. Hank continues to live with the Jessens and goes to work with Zach every day and lives the BEST life on their farm.